It was a marathon hearing which lasted approximately 4 hours before Immigration Judge. Immigration was trying to establish that I was involved infraudulent marriage, which was not true. I was nervous throughout the hearing. Attorney Dehra litigated my case with extreme caution and with aggression.  The Honorable court relied on my testimony and found me credible and finally granted me my permanent...
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Ms. Patel, Tampa, FL

I still think whether it is true or not. How did it happen? I was in removal proceedings when I contacted Attorney Dehra. My previous attorney suggested that I should request voluntary departure from the Orlando Immigration court and leave the U.S. on my own accord. This is when I consulted Attorney Dehra. He informed me that I am eligible to file “battered...
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M.P., Tampa, FL

It is amazing how my immigration problem was resolved by Attorney Amit Dehra. My husband and I live in the jurisdiction of West Palm Beach USCIS office. I have been living in the U.S. without documents for more than 10 years. I came to this country as a young child with my parents, who have since left the U.S. Prior to consulting Attorney Dehra, many attorneys with whom I consulted gave me no hope and informed me that there is no way I can adjust in the U.S. This is because I came to this country illegally. It was stunning to hear from Attorney Dehra that because I was a beneficiary of a petition which my real uncle filed for my father’s benefit many years ago, I was beneficiary of section 245(i) i.e., I can get my green card even if I entered the country illegally provided certain conditions are met. No other Attorney informed me about this to me. Attorney Dehra prepared the documentation. At the interview Attorney Dehra explained the USCIS how I qualified under section 245(i). Thereafter, my case was approved and I received by green card. I must thank Attorney Dehra for making it happen for us.
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Gurpeet, West Palm Beach, FL

My PERM Labor Certification was certified/approved without an audit. My labor certification was filed under Occupational Therapist position. Furthermore, I also received EB-2 approval for my I-140. I am thankful to Attorney Dehra for his services. Of course, now, I have to wait for my priority dates to get current.
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VM, St Petersburg, FL

My case is a classic employment based case. I am a pharmacist manager now. My initial labor certification was filed by another law firm, even though I wanted to go through Attorney Dehra. Labor Certification was certified but under EB-3 category. My Form I-140 was also approved under EB-3 professional category. Due to long waiting times (priority dates) for Indian born applicants under EB-3 category, the wait was extremely frustrating. Attorney Dehra advised me to file a second labor certification through my new employer under EB-2 (employment based second preference) category. We filed it under my new job title i.e., Pharmacy Manger and labor was certified without any audit. My Form I-140 was also approved under EB-2 category. What happened thereafter was magic: my previous I-485 was pending based on I-140 approved under EB-3. Attorney Dehra was able to get the same I-485 approved by assigning not only same old priority date which belonged to EB-3 case, but also using the existing I-485 and getting it approved. If not more, I saved at least 3-4 years. It is such a relief. Thank you to Attorney Dehra for a meaningful representation.
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Jaskaran, Tampa, FL