Employment Based

Permanent immigration in the US comes with a variety of rights and privileges. One of the most widely used methods to obtain permanent immigration is through employment.

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Family Based Immigration

Permanent immigration in the US comes with a variety of rights and privileges. One method to obtaining lawful permanent residency is through a relative who is either a citizen of the US or a lawful permanent resident.

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Non Immigrant
Work Visas

The nonimmigrant visa classification covers a broad range of visas used to enter the U.S. for work, pleasure or study. Some visas are considered ‘dual intent’; you may attempt to obtain permanent residency (a green card) while under that classification.

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The Department of Homeland Security, through its various enforcement agencies, initiates the process to remove non-citizens from the U.S. An alien, including a Lawful Permanent Resident may be inadmissible/deportable for many reasons.

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Welcome to the Law Office of Dehra Miotke, LLC

Immigration Attorneys in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Plantation, Florida

Dehra Miotke, LLC is a full-service Immigration Law Firm, recognized internationally for our ability to provide solutions to highly complex and routine U.S. immigration problems. Our Attorneys have demonstrated their commitment to creative and zealous immigration representation and legal excellence, earning the Firm an international reputation for finding efficient, cost effective solutions to both unusual and common immigration problems.


Committed to Transparency: Dehra Miotke, LLC sets itself apart by our commitment to client education, creative and zealous advocacy, and competitive fees. We constantly educate our clients about the practicalities and complexities of immigration law, and we provide institutional clients with immigration law seminars, as well as annual complimentary on-site educational and training sessions for human resources personnel and managers.


Committed to Service: Dehra Miotke, LLC employs a “team approach” to client representation and service. This enables us to enhance client service and achieve results sooner. The Firm provides the highest level of service to individuals, corporations, non-profits, universities, and other institutions across the nation and around the world.


Dehra Miotke, LLC with specialized Immigration Attorneys in TampaOrlando, Jacksonville and Plantation, Florida representing clients throughout the U.S. and the world. Our Immigration Attorneys tampa have helped thousands of individuals to become legal citizens of the United States of America. Contact our Immigration Attorneys today.


Our Office Locations in the U.S.A.:   Tampa% 3Cstrong>, OrlandoJacksonville and Plantation, Florida.

Our Firm provides clients with the confidence that their case will be handled by an expert who understands their needs. We have a range of experience in immigration matters such as:


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For consultations with the Firm’s Immigration Attorneys call 813.221.0733 /727.565.4405/ 407.965.2455/ 954.358.4959/ 904.746.4344 or
email adehra@dmimmigration.com , jcmiotke@dmimmigration.com


Our Immigration Attorneys will be able to answer all of your immigration questions.


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The Law Firm of Dehra Miotke, LLC can conveniently and efficiently represent clients located anywhere in the United States, as wells as at U.S. Consular posts abroad, on all U.S. Immigration matters. This is possible because immigration law is purely federal in nature. In other words, no individual state in the United States is allowed to pass legislation pertaining to immigration under the doctrine of preemption. Additionally, we use technology that eliminates the requirement of our clients to be physically present in our offices.




  • He has been an incredible immigration attorney from the beginning. I have been in California for over 8 years and he has represented me since the beginning in my Immigration matters, and he has been supportive, honest, and very efficient and has always kept me informed. His fees, has always been very reasonable and he really cares for his clients.

    Paulina, Los Angeles, CA

  • Amit Dehra has worked on my children’s impossible immigration case and made them possible. He helped us get status when my children were without one and wanted to go to school. His whole team from the secretary to Amit himself, did a constant follow up on my case. He is very dedicated with this work, and is able to give the time and attention a client needs for these immigration matters. He was easily reachable via phone and email. There have been times where I got instant replies from him. Overall he is...

    Shay, Ocala, FL

  • I really appreciate for the great confidence he gave me and his continued support throughout the whole process. He is truly an amazing and an outstanding immigration attorney any one would envy to have. Aside from being an outstanding immigration attorney, he is very compassionate, caring and understanding individual.

    Sunitha, Chicago, IL

Amit Dehra


Attorney Amit Dehra is a co-founding Partner of Dehra Miotke, LLC. He was raised in Chandigarh, India.  Attorney Dehra is a graduate of the George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C. (L.L.M. 2001); prior to that he completed coursework in law and technology at Ohio State University Law School, Columbus, Ohio

John C. Miotke


Attorney John C. Miotke is a co-founding Partner of Dehra Miotke, LLC.  He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised in Florida.  Attorney Miotke is a graduate of the Florida State University – College of Law, Tallahassee, Florida (J. D. 1995)

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We are happy to schedule a consultation or conference calls to address your immigration needs. Please call our office at 727.565.4405 or 407.965.2455 or e-mail us via the link below to schedule an appointment at your convenience.




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Attorneys from our Law Firm are available to speak at universities, professional gatherings, corporate meetings and other organizations, on all topics relating to immigration law. To set up a free seminar, please call our office at 727.565.4405 or 407.965.2455 or e-mail us via the link below.


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