I rate Attorney Amit Dehra as one of the best immigration attorneys in the U.S. based on my personal experience: My employer 0. received a very detailed 5 (five) page Request for Evidence (“RFE”) in my H-1B case. Both my employer and I were concerned and had little hope in getting an H-1 approval. However, Attorney Dehra worked very hard on the RFE given the short timeline, and we submitted the response with extensive documents, including an expert opinion letter regarding the specialty occupation and associated job duties. My case was approved soon thereafter. Attorney Dehra continues to represent me. As a matter of fact, my previous counsel, who was based in close proximity, was not prompt and efficient in responding to my phone calls and e-mails. Attorney Dehra truly understands and empathizes with the situation of an immigrant and works diligently with compassion. Again, in my opinion, Attorney Amit Dehra is one of the best immigration attorneys in the U.S.

Madan, Bakersfield, California – Client