I am a war veteran. I initially filed a pro-se fiancé visa for my then fiancé, who resided in China. My initial fiancé visa was approved by the Service Center but when my fiancé appeared for a visa interview, they denied her fiancé visa application. I was extremely disappointed. Thereafter, after thoroughly researching Attorneys and their credibility, I retained Attorney Amit Dehra. In the interim, I also married my then fiancé. Attorney Amit Dehra filed an Immigration Petition with the Service Center, which was approved without any Request for Evidence. Our submission included evidence such as our e-mails history, phone records, my visits to China, photographs and affidavits pertaining to our genuine relationship. Thereafter, Dehra Miotke enrolled me for a voluntary pilot program, under which we skipped the National Visa Center process and the case was directly transferred to U.S. Consulate in China. My wife was schedule for an Immigration Visa interview. We were very nervous because the same consulate had earlier denied her case. Attorney Dehra gave us all the appropriate paperwork to carry. She was interviewed and her Immigrant Visa was approved without much questioning. Thanks to Amit Dehra of Dehra Miotke and their legal staff.

John, St Petersburg, Florida – Client